2012 Civil & Human Rights Delegation to Israel/Palestine

sponsored by the Dorothy Cotton Institute
in partnership with Interfaith Peace-Builders


October 15, 2012 - The Dorothy Cotton Institute has partnered with Interfaith Peace-Builders to organize an important delegation of Civil and Human Rights leaders. The Dorothy Cotton Institute is the initiator and organizer of the project. IFPB is providing consultation and logistical support. Read the delegation's reports on this blog site.

About the Civil and Human Rights Delegation:

The Civil & Human Rights Delegation is an historic trip of prominent leaders – both veterans of the U.S. Civil Rights movement and the next generation of human rights leaders – to the West Bank and Israel to meet with the leaders of the Palestinian nonviolent resistance movement and their Israeli allies.

In a region wracked by violence, this movement (which draws its inspiration from Gandhi, King, and the U.S. Civil Rights movement) stands as perhaps the most salient modern test of the power of nonviolent resistance to bring about social justice and social change. As such, it has the capacity to transform the Palestinian struggle for justice, offering the greatest hope for peace, security and the expression of full human rights for Palestinians, Israelis and all in the region. Equally important, it presents a special opportunity to learn lessons transferable to others throughout the world seeking nonviolent paths to justice and peace.

The Delegation’s Collective Goals:


Dorothy Cotton sings freedom songs at a meeting with Israeli and Palestinian activists (click for high quality photos from the delegation)


The delegation includes the following individuals (click here for full bios):

For more information, see http://dcidelegation2012.blogspot.com.



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