Upcoming Delegations

Join an IFPB delegation -- You will be an eyewitness to the situation in Palestine/Israel and your understanding of the conflict will be enriched and transformed.

Our delegations to Palestine/Israel are designed to begin a process of experiential learning and personal transformation. The delegation will expose you to perspectives not readily available in North America. You'll meet Palestinian and Israelis educators, activists, and justice advocates, particularly those working nonviolently for a resolution to the conflict and an end to the occupation. In two weeks on the ground, you'll see the Wall, checkpoints, and demolished homes and learn how these and much more affect Palestinians. You'll also hear from Israelis about the effects of the conflict on Israeli society. The delegation is designed to give you the tools and experience to make the most of the experience and work for change when you return.

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May 13 - 26, 2017 - Spring 2017 Delegation. Leaders: TBA soon.
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Interfaith Peace-Builders delegations are 13 days long and include a unique pre-trip orientation in Washington, DC. Delegations cost around $2700, which includes lodging, meetings, travel, and two meals a day. Financial aid is available.

No other delegation program matches our attention to detail. Each trip features unique meetings with those at the forefront of Palestinian and Israeli justice work. You will:

The delegation isn't over on the last day.
IFPB's unique follow-up program is an innovative addition to standard delegation programming. Our expert staff provides support to help you:

Understanding Delegation Themes

All delegations are designed to give a broad exposure to the most important issues on the ground in Israel/Palestine today. Additionally, many of our upcoming delegations offer themes, like "olive harvest" or "meet the peacemakers." Themed delegations focus on these areas, but most of the meetings, travel schedules, and delegation experiences are similar from one delegation to another. As a general rule of thumb, we say that about 80% of delegation activities are similar from one delegation to another, while 20% will focus on the specific themes of any one delegation.

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