IFPB Delegate Activities

2006 - 2007

We are currently updating our records of delegate activity. As the numbers of our delegation alumnae grows, so do does IFPB's network of activists and organizers. Keeping updated on all our delegate's activities is hard work. So many delegation participants are active in so many different ways!

The following list details a sample of the media appearances, speaking events, congressional advocacy work, and organizing initiatives that IFPB delegates have been involved in. This list features only some of the many activities between 2006 and 2008. We are currently working to bring this listing up-to-date. Please check back here for an updated archive list soon.

In the meantime, please check out our other pages which feature delegate efforts:


Activity Location Attendance
May 2007    
IFPB staff interviewed for the Muslim Link about upcoming delegation. web  
Delegate gave presentations on IFPB to three local area churches. Toronto, Canada
Delegate hosted fundraiser to help support the June 10-11 mobilization, The World Says No to Israeli Occupation. Washington, DC
Slideshow on the history of Quakers in the Middle East. Cambridge, MA
15 delegates gathered to share experiences and work in DC and to help IFPB send spring mailing Washington, DC
April 2007
"Peacemaking in Israel and Palestine," an article and pictures about delegation experience on the website of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.
Former IFPB delegate elected member of Jewish Voice for Peace Board of Directors.
"Style or substance following Riyadh summit?" an article by IFPB board member Michael Brown on the Electronic Intifada.
Three delegation leaders interviewed on "Just Peace" an hour-long radio program on Radio Free Georgia (WRFG).
Atlanta, GA
"Dr. Know: Occuption of Palestine, A Doctor's Eyewitness Account," a presentation organized by IFPB Board member.
Santa Cruz, CA
Presentation by Dorothy Naor of New Profile organized.
Morristown, NJ
Presentation to Peace Studies class at Purdue University.
Lafayette, IN
Presentation on delegation expereince to women's meeting.
Toronto, Canada
Two delegates shared their experiences on delegation at Quaker meeting
Salem, OR
Two delegates shared their experiences on delegation at Quaker meeting
Arlington, VA
Delegates from Virginia contacted their congressional representatives to protest an Israeli settler attack on the Tent of Nations.
Arlington, VA
Organized film showing of the Iron Wall in several cities, including Watertown, MA, Santa Cruz, CA, and Chicago, IL
"Failing to Hold Israel Accountable for War Crimes in Lebanon," an article by IFPB board member on Counterpunch and Electronic Intifada.
Several delegates presented or moderated panels at the Jewish Voice for Peace national conference.
Oakland, CA
Delegate spoke on "Chai Time," a show on Vancouver TV Chanel M
Vancouver, Canada
March 2007
Delegate incoprorated expereince on delegation into sermon at local Unitarian Universalist church.
Wilmington, DE
Presentation at North Shore Peace Council.
Chicago, IL
Delegate gave a presentation on Israel/Palestine to staff and faculty at Goucher College.
Baltimore, MD
Delegate speaking tour on the West Coast. Presented slideshows on the situation in Israel/Palestine in 16 venues and raised over $1200 for Israeli and Palestinian organizations
Alaska, Washington, California
"The Jewish People, Zionism, and the Question of Justice," an article published on the net.
Organized film showing of "Rachel Corrie: An American Conscience."
Monterey, CA
Gave a presentation on Israeli/Palestinian conflict at a meeting of local ministers
Lafayette, IN
Multi-media presentation on conflict and hopes for peace.
Lompoc, CA
Three delegates, a Muslim, Jew, and Christian, gave a presentation at a local mosque.
Chicago, IL
February 2007
8 delegates met for a lobbying day in DC organizaed by the American Friends Service Committee. Washington, DC
"We Plant a Tree: Hope for peace takes root in Palestine's rocky soil," an article in Quaker Action. web and print
"Iron Wall comes to Santa Cruz," article in Metro Santa Cruz about film showings organized in Santa Cruz. web
"Personal Witness: Putting a Face to the Stuggle," a presentation with an IFPB delegate and two two others who particpated in delegations to Israel/Palestine. Boston, MA
September 2006
Interviewed on West Virginia Public Radio (NPR) about delegation:"West Virginians travel to Middle East, return with different takes". IFPB delegates expressed support for human rights and discussed experiences from delegation. Interview was archived here.

West Virginia

"COM Grad aids Middle East Peace," an article in the Daily Free Press about the delegation experience.
Boston, MA
Work with Congressional Accompaniment Project, aimed at convincing state senators to travel to Israel/Palestine to learn about the situation.
Iowa City, IA
Delegate elected to be on the Steering Committee of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.
"Hydropolitics in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories," part of a group exhibit at the Landscape Institute of Harvard University. Exhibit runs through September.
Cambridge, MA
Six delegates participated in the Annual US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation conference
Dearborn, MI
August 2006
Sermon about delegation expereinces and situation in Israel/Palestine at local United Church of Christ congregation
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Travel to Lebanon to help with relief efforts (two former delegates)
Participation in rallies against Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Gaza
Washington, DC & Boston, MA
"Israel/Palestine: Cradle of Chaos, Cradle of Peace," a sermon about expereinces on delegation and hope for peace
Washington, DC
"Prism of War," a letter to the editors of the Economist about their reporting on the war in Lebanon. Click here to read.
Working with local children's center in Jerusalem to supply needed DVD resources for the children.
Workshop and presention with co-workers
Los Angeles, CA
"Peace Activist Says Fighting Must Stop," an article in the Augusta (GA) Chronicle. Read here.
Augusta, GA
Interview with Faith and Values editor of Cedar Rapids Gazette
Cedar Rapids, IA
Article on local member of delegation in Beacon Hill Times.
Boston, MA
"Searching for Peace," article about delegate's experiences in Israel Palestine. Read here.
Lewiston, ME
Meeting with local US Congressional Representative; thanked her for signing letter to President Bush calling for immediate cease-fire in Lebanon.
St. Paul, MN
July 2006
"In the Beginning, There Was Occupation," a piece about the roots of the HIzbullah-Israel Conflict in the Santa Barbara Independent. Click here to read. Santa Barbara, CA
Presentation for World Affairs Council
Dallas, TX
Interviews of delegates with Polish and Israeli media at Women in Black demonstration in Jerusalem.
letter to National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," read over the air; calling for better NPR coverage of the wars in Gaza and Lebanon.
Sermon on the Middle East at local Unitarian Universalist church
Reston, VA
Volunteer travel as part of three-week Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions work camp in Israel/Palestine
Daily presence in front of the Cabell building protesting Israel's invasion of Gaza
Dallas, TX
"The Distance from Guernica to Lebanon," article published by fomer delegate living in Lebanon
June 2006
Two 2 1/2 hour presentations at Friends Southeast Yearly Meeting on theme of "Simplicity and Spice." Topics included AFSC olive oil project and experiences on recent IFPB delegation.
Asheville, NC
Presentation at St. Francis Episcopal Church on the conflict and experiences from April 2006 delegation.
San Francisco, CA
Slide Show focusing on Central Hospital in Gaza; highlighted problems in health care since funding cut to Palestinian Authority.
Boston, MA
Presentation at local MENSA meeting.
Dallas, TX
May 2006
"Co-Opted Existence," a Letter to the Editor about the Palestinian Right of Return printed in Santa Barbara Independent. To see letter online, click here.
Santa Barbara, CA