Video: May 2010 Delegation

Video Clips from IFPB's 33rd Delegation
May 24 - June 5, 2010

The following videos (eight in all) were taken by delegates on Interfaith Peace-Builders' 33rd delegation. The delegation was co-sponsored by the National Peace Foundation. Click here to read reports from this delegation.

VIDEOS 1 - 5: Demonstration in Ramallah After Israeli Attack on Humanitarian Aid Flotilla to the Gaza Strip
Interfaith Peace-Builders delegates attend a demonstration in Ramallah after Israeli attack on humanitarian flotilla to Gaza on May 31, 2010.



VIDEO 6: Interfaith Peace-Builders Delegates with Children in Bil'in
Lara E., a delegate on IFPB's 33rd delegation, plays with children in the Palestinian village of Bil'in. Delegates stayed in Palestinian homes in the village and learned about their nonviolent struggle against the wall and settlements Israel has constructed on their lands.



VIDEO 7 - 11: Suheir Owdah of the Phoenix center in Deheishah Refugee Camp addresses Interfaith Peace-Builders Delegates
Suheir Owdah discusses Palestinian life in a refugee camp, the refugee experience and the role of women in the Palestinian struggle.


VIDEOS 12 - 14: Metal Grating and Checkpoints Characterize the Life of Segregation Experienced by Palestinian Residents of Hebron
Interfaith Peace-Builders delegates tour the Palestinian market and Old City of Hebron in May 2010. Tour guide, Issa Amro of Youth Against the Settlements, explains why metal grating is put up to protect Palestinian civilians from refuse thrown from the illegal Israeli settlements above.





VIDEO 15: Israel's Wall in Jerusalem
Interfaith Peace-Builders delegates tour one part of Israel's vast Wall built on Palestinian land in the West Bank. Here they visit a section of the Wall seperating Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem.


VIDEO 16: The Call to Prayer in Bethlehem
IFPB delegates record the Muslim Call to Prayer from the Mosque in Bethlehem's Nativity Square, adjacent the Nativity Church.


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