July/August 2007 Delegation

Delegation focused on Israeli and Palestinian Women Working for Peace

July/August 2007

The delegation highlighted women’s roles in achieving peace. Delegates also met with a diverse array of Palestinians and Israelis who will share their observations on the current situation, the effects of United States foreign policy in the region, and the possibilities for a just and sustainable peace.

Delegates joined with the nonviolent peace movement in Israel and Palestine. The group visited the Palestinian village of Bili’in, which organizes weekly demonstrations against the building of Israel’s Separation Wall and the confiscation of their village lands. Delegates participated in a weekly vigil by the Israeli organization, Women in Black, which takes place every Friday in West Jerusalem.

delegation 24

A photo of the delegates at orientation in Washington, DC.

The delegation includes the following people:

Stephanie Avant - Pelham, Alabama
Mark Braverman - Washington, DC
Martha Di Giovanni - Manchester, Connecticut
David Di Giovanni - Manchester, Connecticut
Jill Flores - San Marcos, Texas
Tish Gardener - Washington, DC
Ken Hayes - Austin, Texas
Laila Liddy - Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Ann Loikow - Washington, DC
Ray McGovern - Washington, DC
Meera Shah - New York, New York

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