Voices of the Peace-Builders:
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Interfaith Peace-Builders and the National Peace Foundation
Delegation Arrives in Israel/Palestine

May 26, 2009

Interfaith Peace-Builders (IFPB) and the National Peace Foundation (NPF) are pleased to announce that our 16 member delegation to Israel/Palestine entered Israel at the Ben-Gurion airport Tuesday afternoon. After a flight delay, the delegation is now safely in Jerusalem.

The purpose of this delegation, the 30th to make the trip since 2001, is to educate North American citizens about the region and deepen their understanding of its conflicts. This is the second delegation that IFPB and NPF have co-sponsored since 2008.

The delegation focuses on the voices of Palestinian and Israeli peace-builders and nonviolent activists. Both Palestinian and Israeli voices promoting peace and reconciliation are marginalized in an international discourse that far too often paints Israelis and Palestinians as either violent militants or helpless victims. The reality is that many people in Israel/Palestine work on a daily basis to bring about a peaceful and nonviolent end to the occupation and resolution of the conflict. This delegation will meet a variety of these individuals and organizations.

Following the quiet expiration of the Bush Administration’s 2008 deadline for a peace agreement, and last week's meeting between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the situation on the ground continues to worsen. Participants on this delegation have the unique opportunity to hear directly from Palestinians and Israelis regarding their hopes for peace and the role of the US government in promoting a resolution to the conflict.

delegation 29

A photo of the delegates and IFPB staff at orientation in Washington, DC.

The delegation includes the following people:

In addition to the reports linked from this page, IFPB delegation participants may be blogging about their experiences. Like the trip reports posted here, individual blogs reflect the views of delegation participants only, and not necessarily Interfaith Peace-Builders or the National Peace Foundation.

Blogs by delegation members:
David Ehrens' Blog

Carolyn Cicciu – Goffston, NH
Karen Clarke - North Charleston, SC
Tracie DeAngelis – Oakland, CA
David Ehrens - South Dartmouth, MA
Sarah Harder – Eau Claire, WI
Lynn Izakowitz – Washington, DC
Shirley Meckley – Kerrville, TX
Lisa Nessan – Oakland, CA
Cynthia Nietfeld – Manhattan, KS
Maduratna Noteman – Astoria, NY
Jon  Peterson – Albany, CA
Barbara Shotwell – Kingston, WA
Cathy Sultan – Eau Claire, WI
Colleen Toomey – North Andover, MA
Candace Walworth – Boulder, CO
Aaron Wood – Highland, UT

Interfaith Peace-Builders and the National Peace Foundation believe in the power of eye-witness experience and transformation. Given the opportunity to speak directly with Israelis and Palestinians, delegates return to the United States better informed, more energized, and with a deeper understanding of the possibilities for true justice in the Middle East.

Upon their return to the United States in June, delegates will share their experiences with the public, the media, and their political representatives.

Media interested in interviewing the participants when they return, and groups wanting information about speaking engagements, should contact Interfaith Peace-Builders at media [at] ifpb [dot] org or 202.244.0821.

Trip reports and photos may also be posted on the web during the delegation at the website of the National Peace Foundation.

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