Summer Delegates Bring Experience home                    

Participants on IFPB's Summer Delegations Reach and Teach Others
May, July and African Heritage Delegates Share Message of Peace with Justice in Communities Across North America!

October 2011 - Participants on Interfaith Peace-Builders' summer 2011 delegations returned to their communities empowered by their journey's through Israel/Palestine and their meetings with Palestinian and Israeli activists.

This summer was the busiest on record at IFPB, with over 60 people joining delegations in May and July - including the historic African Heritage Delegation to Israel/Palestine. Delegates have turned their experience into action in communities across North America.

Benefiting from IFPB's unique Education and Advocacy Program, delegation participants received support and resources for their work. What follows is a partial digest of delegate media appearances and actions, organized by delegation.

As delegates continue their efforts, Interfaith Peace-Builders will work to support their activism and provide further resources for civic engagement and advocacy. You can join our efforts by sending your contribution today. IFPB receives very limited foundation support and is dependent upon individual contributions to sustain our work. Click here to donate to help support Interfaith Peace-Builders.

Your support makes all the difference in our work for peace and a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Delegates in Action:

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Select Media From IFPB's African Heritage Delegation (July 2011):

Select Media From IFPB's "Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders" Delegation (July 2011):

Select Media From IFPB's "Voices of the Peace-Builders" Delegation (May 2011):



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