Purchase Fair Trade Palestinian Olive Oil

Support Palestinian Farmers and Interfaith Peace-Builders!

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Interfaith Peace-Builders partners with Canaan Fair Trade and the Palestine Fair Trade Association to make high-quality fair trade Palestinian olive oil (and other products) available throughout North America.

You can buy and sell Palestinian olive oil to help support Palestinian farmers and a small percentage of your purchase and/or sales will also benefit IFPB.  It’s a win-win situation! 

Fair trade helps maintain a sustainable market for Palestinian farmers and empowers marginalized Palestinian rural communities whose incomes have been hurt by Israel’s policies of closure and prohibition on the sale of Palestinian olive oil since the Intifada in 2000 (to read more about Canaan Fair Trade scroll to the bottom of the page).

Here are four ways that you can get involved:

OPTION 1: Purchase Canaan Fair Trade Products Directly



Purchase fair trade Palestinian olive oil - and other products - directly from Canaan Fair Trade at their online store.

You will help both the farmers and IFPB, strengthening our partnership! Click here to buy now!





OPTION 2: Ask Your Favorite Store to Carry Canaan Fair Trade Products


Think of where you would want to buy Canaan products locally. Canaan sells very well in local food cooperatives and specialty stores (gourmet or fair trade gift stores). When your local store buys Canaan olive oil, Canaan will send Interfaith Peace Builders a $50 donation in your name.

Contact IFPB staff if you are interested in this option.  We will send you additional information and put you in touch directly with Canaan representatives in the United States who can help you approach your local stores and successfully market these incredible products!



OPTION 3: Become a Volunteer Distributor of Canaan Products

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Members of the Interfaith Peace-Builders board and past delegates have volunteered to sell Canaan's fair trade products in their community. They travel to fair trade expos, set up tables at farmers markets, or at houses of worship in the community, and/or sell products to friends, family and neighbors.


It's a great way to support this great initiative and advocate for peace in Palestine/Israel at the same time! Sellers can affiliate with IFPB and a portion of all sales will benefit the organization.

Contact IFPB staff and we will put you in touch with volunteers who can tell you all about how it works!


OPTION 4: Meet the Farmers on IFPB's Olive Harvest Delegation!


Each Autumn Interfaith Peace-Builders sends our "Trees of Peace: Olive Harvest Delegation" to Israel/Palestine.

In addition to other programming, the delegation visits Palestinian farmers in the West Bank and is hosted by the Palestinian Fair Trade Association in and around Jenin.

Click here for more information on the Olive Harvest Delegation and other IFPB trips to Israel/Palestine.


About Canaan Fair Trade:tractor


Canaan is a mission based Palestinian fair trade company that seeks to empower small and marginalized Palestinian producer communities caught in the midst of conflict through organic agricultural production and fair trade. Canaan markets the olive oil and foods of the 49 farmer and women producer cooperatives of the Palestine Fair Trade Association, representing over 1700 farm families.

Canaan pays farmers a 10% organic premium and a 10% fair trade premium over market prices. Canaan buys all their production, in good years and bad. This means they can plan for their future: planting crops, educating their children, building their lives.

Canaan bottles and finishes all products in Palestine, thus spreading these benefits to our fair trade factory workers. And Canaan's long term continuous relationship with our farmers means we can insure a consistent improvement in our already delicious olive oil as we go 'beyond Extra Virgin'.

For more information and to purchase products visit:

In Canada, or the rest of the world, visit: