Interfaith Peace-Builders works with a variety of groups and organizations focusing on peace and justice in Israel/Palestine. The following pages provide links to partner organizations in the US, organizations we work with in Israel/Palestine, and websites with a wealth of information on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Please browse the following sites for more information:

These sites are hand-picked by IFPB staff as sources of news and analysis or as organizations whose work is of the highest quality. Links on this page feature informational sites as well as organizations in the US and Israel/Palestine.

IFPB works in partnerships and coalitions as a matter of principle and strategy. Our commitment to movement building and coalition organizing means that both national and local partners play an important role in our work.

Links to IFPB's hand-picked resources for civic engagement and grassroots activism. Includes links to IFPB flyers, fact-sheets and hand-picked resources on the conflict.