2007 Olive Harvest Delegation

Interfaith Peace-Builders & American Friends Service Committee

November 2007

This delegation focused on the Palestinian olive harvest which takes place each autumn. The olive harvest is an occasion of particular cultural and economic importance for Palestinian communities and a time when tensions between Israeli settlers and Palestinian residents of the West Bank run high.

The group toured the Israeli town of Sderot which has been targeted by Palestinian militants from within the impoverished Gaza Strip and will visit Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust Museum. Additionally, Rami Elhanan, an Israeli whose daughter was killed by a suicide bomber and who currently works for peace and justice with the Bereaved Parents’ Circle, addressed the group. And delegates met Israelis and Palestinians who once took up arms in the conflict and who now work with Combatants for Peace, an organization which has rejected violence and promotes reconciliation between the two peoples.

delegation 25

A photo of the delegates at orientation in Washington, DC.


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