2008 Voices of the Peace-Builders Delegation

Interfaith Peace-Builders & the National Peace Foundation

March/April 2008

This delegation was cosponsored by the National Peace Foundation.

The group toured the Israeli town of Sderot which has been targeted by Palestinian militants from within the impoverished Gaza Strip and will visit Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust Museum. Bassam Aramin, a Palestinian whose daughter was killed by an Israeli soldier, addressed the delegation. Mr. Aramin works with Combatants for Peace, a joint Palestinian and Israeli organization which has rejected violence and promotes reconciliation between the two peoples.

In addition, the delegation heard from the nonviolent peace movement in Israel and Palestine. The group visited the Palestinian village of Bil’in, which organizes weekly nonviolent demonstrations and recently won a high-profile case in the Israeli High Court challenging the route of Israel’s Separation Wall and the confiscation of their village lands. Delegates also participated in a weekly vigil by the Israeli organization, Women in Black, which takes place every Friday in West Jerusalem.

delegation 26

A photo of the delegates at orientation in Washington, DC.

The delegation includes the following people:

Rachel Baker - Waltham, Massachusetts
Rachel Buxbaum - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (not pictured)
Dr. Thomas Chisholm - Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Mike Daly - Washington, DC
Valerie Kockelman - Palo Alto, California
Jason Hicks - Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Robert Rosenbaum - San Francisco, California
Rob Sangster - Memphis, Tennessee
Gene Smith - Pekin, Illinois
Ingrid Smith - Pekin, Illinois
Cathy Sultan - Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Bev Williams - Bear Creek Township, Pennsylvania
Frank Williams - Santa Barbara, California

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