African Heritage Delegations to Palestine/Israel

Announcing the 2014 African Heritage Delegation to Palestine/Israel
October 25 - November 7, 2014

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The African Heritage Delegation is an intensive educational experience and unique opportunity to learn about the current situation in Palestine/Israel and the effects of the Israeli occupation. 

Like other IFPB trips, the African Heritage Delegation travels in Palestine/Israel for two weeks and meets members of Palestinian and Israeli civil society, human rights organizations, grassroots activists and others. 

IFPB is working with local and national organizational partners to recruit community leaders, activists, faith leaders, artists, educators, and others for our next African Heritage Delegation October 25 - November 7, 2014. Click here to help spread the word!


Why African Heritage Delegations?

The African Heritage Delegation program raises awareness, heightens activism, and further links struggles between African Heritage communities in the US and those working for justice in Palestine/Israel.  The program provides an intentional space for participants to examine questions of race and ethnicity within the context of Palestine/Israel.

Delegation participants come from a variety of backgrounds and movements - Civil Rights, Black Power, South African anti-apartheid and anti-racist organizing - a diversity that enables rich and multi-dimensional group learning.

By creating an opportunity to explore present or past connections between struggles that communities of color face in Palestine/Israel and the US, we hope to strengthen the work for global justice.


Why Now?

In a 2007 Letter to Black America on Palestinian Rights over 40 African American leaders urged:

"It is time for our people to once again demand that the silence be broken on the injustices faced by the Palestinian people resulting from the Israeli occupation."

IFPB's African Heritage delegation project grew out of that call and ongoing efforts within African American communities.  

The goals of the African Heritage Delegation includes:

  • To strengthen African-American leaders who have on-the-ground experience in Israel/Palestine and can work for change upon return home.

  • To exchange lessons learned from Black Power, Civil Rights, anti-apartheid and anti-racist, pro-justice, struggles in the US with those waging similar campaigns in Palestine/Israel.

  • To understand the role of racialized discourse and racial exclusivity in the political realities of Palestine/Israel, and to examine that discourse in relation to North America, and other colonial and post-colonial contexts.

  • To further connect African American delegation participants with work being done in other anti-war, peace and justice communities in the US. 

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What Do We Need to Make it Happen? (video)

The African Heritage Delegation program is built upon existing efforts within African Heritage communities and will strengthen work focusing on civil rights in Israel, justice in Palestine, and the growth of boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns nationally.  Interfaith Peace-Builders' partners and allies in African Heritage communities, Palestinian and Israeli peace and justice movements, and beyond have invited us to organize delegations of African Americans to Palestine/Israel. 

Little can do more to amplify such voices than an on-the-ground experience which allows participants the chance to develop strong and lasting relationships with Palestinian and Israeli activists.

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